The Best Weight-Loss Book Ever!


The Best Weight-Loss Book Ever!
Review of FULL-FILLED, by Renee Stephens and Samantha Rose.

Full-Filled[1] , by Renée Stephens[2] and Samantha Rose
review by Donald Pelles

If you are someone who struggles to control your weight; if you see the numbers on your bathroom scale going down and then back up every couple of months; if you feel that you have been beating yourself up long enough and want to feel good about yourself for a change, then this is the – not just a – book for you.


The subtitle is The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food – and Your Life – from the Inside Out. “Changing your relationship with food” is appropriate and it’s the only way to become a “naturally slim” person for good. Yes, there are a few of us out there who are able gut it out with rigorous and rigid self-discipline and self-denial, for years or perhaps even a lifetime. But is that really how you would want to live your life, even if you could?

How much better it is to be kind to and love yourself, clarify your motivations, resolve the conflicts and change the beliefs that have been limiting your life – all the while enjoying eating, more than you ever have, while you reach and maintain the size and weight, the you, that you want to be? This is what Full-Filled offers.

Renée begins with motivation. We have two kinds of motivations. Away-from motivations are the things you want to leave behind: poor health, unattractive appearance, extra effort moving and exercising. Toward motivations are what pull us forward: vibrant heath, looking good, being in control, and light on the feet. We need both. If you rely too much on away-froms though, once you have lost 20 pounds or so and are feeling somewhat better, there may be a tendency to revert to old habits and reverse your direction – the old yo-yo cycle. So you need those toward motivations in order to keep going as the away-froms weaken (because you’re feeling improvement).

Right from the start, Renée has you set up a good infrastructure: your support system of friends and allies and your Weight Release Journal, in which you record everything in this journey from Too Full to Full-Filled: your intentions, the progress you are making, your inner conflicts, your insights, and the exercises she has you do along the way. As you look back it can be easy to forget where you started and the progress you’ve made – now you will have it all right there, in your Journal.

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