Mid Year Resolutions


Mid Year Resolutions
Setting realistic goals and keeping them.

The Implementation Phase: Here is where you "just do it." This phase is very significant because this where you either reach your goal or you bail out. If achieving goals has been a problem, it may be beneficial to keep a goal journal
and begin to examine what prevents you from following through on the implementation process.

The Evaluation Phase: The Evaluation phase is intertwined throughout your planning. However, the first time around, you would use it after approximately one month of the implementation phase. This is where you evaluate what is working, what is not working, what needs to be modified, changed, or altered. You may realize that you set an unobtainable goal and that you need to alter it. I believe that it is ok to change or modify your goal as long as you are being honest with yourself. Once you have evaluated your progress, you can go back and fourth between the different stages of goal planning to best accomplish your goal.

If you are able to reach your goals based on this formula or any other formula then there is no reason to read any further. However, many people are unable to reach their goals because there is some barrier that they cannot break through. This where i have two suggestions:

  • One, utilize the goal journal and carefully analyze what was going on for you when you chose not to follow through with the plan YOU set up for yourself. You may realize that the goal you set just was not important enough to you and other things took priority.
  • However, if that is not the case. It may be that you are self sabotaging yourself and therapy can best serve you. A licensed clinician can assist you in figuring out what is blocking you from reaching your goals and help you devise a more in depth psychological plan to help you achieve success.
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