The Nature of Male & Female


The Nature of Male & Female
Are the realities of male and female opposite the modern stereotypes?

2012 — the coming of The Fifth Sun
According to certain Mayan Elders, in the World of The Fifth Sun (said to begin on December 22, 2012), human consciousness will somehow be transformed — from our long-held duality consciousness, into some kind of unity consciousness. So, maybe all concepts of duality — yang and yin, Heaven and Earth, even male and female — will soon be gone! Maybe.... But I suspect that "soon" in this context is a very relative word: "soon" in terms of cosmic time, probably. I greatly doubt that we will awaken on December 22 with such a dramatic change in our lives. If we do, I'm all for it. But, in case we don't, it will be helpful for us to understand the true nature of male and female for a while yet.

Your comments are encouraged here. Please tell me, from your own experience (not from what you've been told by anyone), what do YOU think about the nature of male and female?



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