The Nature of Male & Female


The Nature of Male & Female
Are the realities of male and female opposite the modern stereotypes?

All through history, traditional societies seem to have understood the true nature of male and female. The female was in charge of the household and the "earthly" possessions — food, clothing, shelter, and everything of physical value (because her nature was more "earthly") — and, of course, bearing the children. The male did the hunting, and raced out to do battle with any enemies (expansive stuff: throwing and shooting weapons, etc.) — and was in charge of spiritual matters.

Even in today's much more androgynous partnerships, the more-female of the pair is in charge of the household and the money; and, in plenty of cases, this person happens to be the husband.


In most cases, though, the woman is still the more earthy one. The female body is much better designed and equipped for the pleasures of the flesh (though often the male is the one who shows more interest in them — another example of seeking to balance his airy nature by attaching himself to something earthy).

In general, men are the lightweights, women are the heavyweights (in terms of airiness and earthiness). The saying, "If you want a physical job done, get a woman to do it; if you want someone to talk about doing it, get a man," is not without some basis in reality! Why do you think women love shopping, and money, and physical stuff in general, and why are they so concerned with physical appearances? Because their nature is more physical.

Given the freedom to express his true nature, a man will more likely sit and daydream, or meditate, or go fishing (which is really a disguised form of daydreaming/meditation). Give him a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and just enough food to hold his body and soul together, and he will happily spend his days sitting and thinking, or writing, or "shooting the breeze" with his buddies....

Why do you think women live longer than men? Some people have speculated it's because men work harder or they're subjected to more stress. HA!! — not even true, and certainly not the reason for their shorter incarnations here. Women stay here longer because of their innate physicality, their Earth energy. It's harder for them to let go of the Earth ... even when they want to. My grandparents exemplified this perfectly. My grandmother's mantra, for the last 20 years of her life, was, "I just wish I could die! I just wish I could die!" It took her 20 years to do it, because she couldn't let go of the physical body. When my grandfather got tired of being here, he didn't say any such thing — he just went to bed and slept, or daydreamed, or whatever ... and he was gone in less than a year.

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