Letting Go!


Letting Go!
It's time to dump your emotional baggage, every bit of it — and to realize who you really are!

How much emotional baggage are you carrying? Unresolved conflicts with anyone? Issues with ex-lovers, friends, parents, children, that are still bothering you? There will never be a better time to let go of them than right now!

How to do it? Simple: Forgiveness. Simple, but maybe not easy. : ^ ) Anyway, it's what we have to do — forgive everyone who has ever hurt us!


In case you're thinking, "No way!! Forgive that *#*$#)%(&@!! — after what he did to ME??" ... let me offer you some incentive. Would you be willing to forgive him if you became happier and healthier by doing it? If it made you feel lighter and more energetic? If it changed your eating habits and you even lost weight?

Be Selfish Enough to Forgive
Yes, forgiveness is a selfish act; it's much more about you than the other person. Maybe you resist forgiveness because your sense of justice demands punishment for the person who hurt you, and you feel that holding a grudge is somehow punishing him. Yes — but what you don't see is that it's hurting you more than it's hurting him. He hurt you once ... and every time you re-live that, and every time you feel anger toward him for it, you are inflicting the hurt on yourself again! How long are you going to keep stabbing yourself with it? Just let it go.... It's not your job to punish him, anyway. Your job is to make yourself happy and free of burdens (and carrying a grudge is definitely a burden)!

When you're living in the realm of pain and hostility, your energetic vibration is at a low frequency. And, since we always attract people and events at vibration levels similar to our own, you will necessarily be attracting unpleasant things. If you're stuck in memories of betrayal and pain, you are literally broadcasting a request for more of the same — and Life will be obligated to deliver it...! The effects will be not just emotional, but also physical. And, if you stay in that vibration long enough, you will do serious physical damage to yourself (I speak from experience; see the last paragraph on this page — starting with "I proved....").

If you can learn from my experience instead of repeating it, you'll be much happier! : ^ ) One thing that may help is to adjust your point of view. When someone hurts us, we may have a tendency to drop to a low vibration level and play the role of either victim or combatant. But we need to rise above that! As Shakespeare famously wrote, "All the world's a stage" ... and each of us merely an actor playing a role ... "And one man in his time plays many parts...."

We each play many parts in a lifetime ... and we each have many lifetimes. Once you see that, it brings up the following question:

Who Are You REALLY?
Are you a collection of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs? Are you a sequence of events (everything that has occurred in your lifetime)? What is your true identity?

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