The Best Health Insurance, Part 3


The Best Health Insurance, Part 3
Reiki — a simple, enjoyable, hands-on treatment you can give yourself every day in 30 minutes

You may like to refresh your memory of Part 1 and Part 2 of this article, before continuing....

Please understand, when I say "health insurance" or that you can ensure your health by doing certain things, I'm not guaranteeing anything! There are no guarantees in life, period. Your results — when practicing Reiki and/or Macrobiotics, or anything else — will always depend on your level of understanding and practice (there's no escaping that we are always responsible for our own condition). And please understand, I'm not even suggesting that you will never be "sick" again. The symptoms that we often label "cold" or "flu" are, in fact, symptoms of the body's natural healing process — ridding itself of acquired toxins — and it's important that we not suppress that. (See What is Disease? What is True Healing? and "Alternative Medicine" — the Real Alternative to the Health Care Crisis.)


However, my experience — of using Reiki and Macrobiotics over many years — is that the occurrence of such symptoms becomes quite rare and quite minor, as the body strengthens its ability to remove toxins daily, keeping them from accumulating to a harmful level. Even so, as we become more deeply healthy, we are likely to pass through some periods of more extreme symptoms; these are caused by the releasing of toxins that have been held deeper within the body and often for many years. Again, it's important not to suppress their release, but to surrender to it; to endure the process and finally be rid of those toxins! (We can adjust the speed of release, and the severity of symptoms, if necessary.)

Ready, Set . . . . Reiki!
Whether or not you've started following the suggestions for healthier eating already (and maybe even studying Macrobiotics! : ^ ), anytime is a great time to incorporate Reiki into your life! In a previous article I wrote about several benefits of Reiki; and many people like to pamper themselves by receiving Reiki occasionally from a Reiki practitioner. But, if you're serious about using Reiki to maintain and improve your health, you really need to be doing it for yourself — every day or nearly every day. Most people will receive great benefit from just 30 minutes of Reiki per day....

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