How To Protect Your Children From Sexual Predators


Warning Sign
The greatest risk to our children surprisingly comes from friends and family.

If your child displays any of the warning signs above, attempt to speak with your child about what is disturbing him/her. Abused children often feel more comfortable discussing their fears with a trusted adult — afraid their parents will be angry or ashamed of them. So, have a relative or close friend connect with your child if you suspect anything. Don't be disappointed that your child cannot discuss what happened with you. Get Comfortable With Yourself And Sex [Video]

If your child does begin to discuss what happened, make it safe for the child to express their fears. Don't probe any more than the child feels comfortable with. It may take several discussions before your child can get all of the details out. Don't judge your child. Just be empathetic and get the child professional help. Child psychologists are experts at helping abused children deal with their fears and trauma. 10 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Growing Up Too Fast


As parents, we are vigilant about teaching our children to watch for traffic before crossing, always put on your seat belt, and lock the doors when they are home alone. It is time we extend that vigilance to frank discussions about what behaviors by adults with whom they interact are proper and what behaviors are not. Tell your children to come to you when they are confused or worried about any adult's interactions with them.

Jack Singer, Ph.D. Clinical/Sport Psychologist

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