Who Are We Running Away From?


Who Are We Running Away From?
Many people attempt to fill their emptiness through some external means which leads them nowhere.

3. Real fullness comes when we accept being empty. Everything significant and important in our lives only occurs when we stop rejecting ourselves, allow the emptiness, and let true meaning emerge. When we fail to do this, we get seduced by temporary fixes.

4. Real peace is through emptiness. As long as we fear emptiness, we can never rest, and we have to always wonder when emptiness will show up again. However when we can accept the empty hole as our best friend, like the couple in the fable “The Hole” did, then we no longer need to look over our shoulder.


In conclusion

If as a society we can support a consciousness and a journey where people no longer reject their emptiness , then more of the Amy Winehouses would be alive today, theTiger Woods types would still be winning tournaments and going home to their families, we would cease stuffing ourselves with food, our divorce rate would drop dramatically, and sexual obsession, pill-popping, or working excessively long hours would no longer carry the day. We would then see a real freedom and a culture that has nothing to prove and nothing to defend.







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