The Real Diet for Overweight People


The Real Diet for Overweight People
This article represents an innovative perspective to break through impasses in weight loss.

Respect each number that you weigh as a perfect expression of who you are at that moment in time. In this system there is no delineation that this is a fat person and that this is a thin person. Each person is regarded as perfect in terms of their attitude. So a 240 pound person who is five foot three is not considered fat. Rather they carry a 240 pound attitude and all the behaviors and physicality that go with it. It is not considered a problem as much as it is a reflection of who they are with no judgment. The two major questions that are asked in this system is “How do you maintain your 240 pound attitude, such as doing no exercise and swallowing food or life with no chewing and what are the demands on all four levels of a 230 lb. attitude?”

The Diet from List


I have laid out a list of eating principles that a person needs to eliminate from their life at different points on the weight map circles in order to be able to move with integrity from one circle to a lower one. Failure to respect these items will expose your vulnerability to eating patterns that will increase your weight, so it is vital that you learn to respect each one and integrate it into your life.
Diet from swallowing life and learning to chew things up
Diet from eating other people’s comments and only respecting your own thoughts
Diet from building your life around global abstract words like don’t be RUDE and SELFISH
Diet from giving others the vote as to what you do or say
Diet from pissing away or denying your sexuality
Diet from hedging your own power
Diet from personalizing everything
Diet from regarding disappointment, powerlessness, and emptiness as the enemy and seeing them as your best friends
Diet from proving, defending and guarding
Diet from being secretive
Diet from distrusting yourself
Diet from living with one foot in and one foot out and be willing to put two feet in or out
Diet from being ashamed of being ashamed
Diet from being afraid of being afraid and learning to be willing to be afraid
Diet from being inauthentic and incongruent
Diet from not loving yourself
Diet from futurizing or living in the past
Diet from rejecting your sadness, which is the doorway to the depth of your life
Diet from immediate gratification

A commitment to respecting this process can mean the difference between a weight loss that is merely an illusion and one that becomes an integral part of your nature.

This article was originally published at The Relationship Doctor Bruce Derman. Reprinted with permission.
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