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Why Your Parents' Divorce Doesn't Predict Your Future

Both my mother and my sisters are divorced and I am too. However, I don't believe that my mother's predicament could have predicted our divorces. Afterall divorce is not genetic as some may believe. There are plenty of people who have divorced parents, and the numbers keep on growing. But does this ...

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Are You A Woman Living With The Guilt Factor? (EXPERT)

Guilt is a very powerful emotion, just like all the emotions, if you are not aware of its power and tend to feel often, you may not even realize that it is the driving force behind everything you do and how you do it. Apparently for women it is more likely to rear its head than it is for men and this is usually ...

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Are You A Relationship Failure?

Last week I was reminded of what a lot of women feel like when they are the ones who are dumped by their ex. One of the ladies who came to my Meet Up Group said to me that she felt like a failure because her relationship hadn’t worked out. What is interesting about this is that this is not something ...

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Are You In Your 40 Or 50s And Stuck After Your Divorce? (EXPERT)

So you have been married for many years and you now find yourself in your late 40s and 50s in the unexpected situation of getting a divorce. When you got married you probably thought that this would be forever, and now you probably find yourself, hurt, angry and probably a bit stunned. I have a couple of ...

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Why Your Parents' Divorce Doesn't Predict Your Future

Discover the 3 very unpredictable factors that will predict whether you are destined for divorce.


Are You A Woman Living With The Guilt Factor? (EXPERT)

Clear signs that you are a guilt sufferer and even some that you may not have been aware of


Are You A Relationship Failure?

Find out whether you are a relationship failure and if so what to do about it!


Are You In Your 40 Or 50s And Stuck After Your Divorce? (EXPERT)

Find out the 5 top reasons why you are stuck and expect to be surprised.

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