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5 Reasons To Stop Being Angry At Your Ex

Nine times out of 10 my clients are angry and hurt because they feel betrayed by their exes. However, it's really important to let go of the bitterness because the only person it really hurts is you. Here's how: 1. You won't find inner peace. When we feel betrayed, we implicitly believe that ...

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5 Reasons To Be Dumped On Valentines Day

One of the most difficult concepts that a lot of my clients struggle with is the notion of gratitude. I talk about this in my best-selling book Goodbye Mr Ex, where I dedicate an entire chapter to it. And yet it is possible. I have seen women who have been gang raped, ...

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Are You Wracked With Guilt Over An Affair?

"I feel so guilty I had the affair," she said. "I don't even know why I did it. What was I thinking?" This is a very typical response from women who are living with the guilt of having had an affair. If you are a woman who has cheated on her husband or boyfriend and you are now ...

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5 Tips On How To Fall In Love With Valentines Day

You have now said goodbye to mr ex and the question is now "What's next?" Dating after divorce can be gut wrenching and intimidating, especially if you were never with anyone else, other than your ex. With Valentines Day on the horizon you may find yourself ...

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5 Mistakes That Divorced Parents Make (EXPERT)

I am a firm believer that divorce can be a really wonderful thing for children as they no longer have to put up with a relationship that is going sour day in, day out. There is however, a false assumption that children need to be with both parents, and I actually don’t think this is true either. Who is ...

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angry black woman

5 Reasons To Stop Being Angry At Your Ex

It's bad to be bitter about a breakup. Here's why.

5 Reasons To Be Dumped On Valentines Day

Find out why being dumped on Valentine's Day and saying thanks to your ex for it is the best thing.

guilt forehead woman

Are You Wracked With Guilt Over An Affair?

Five steps toward self-forgiveness and moving on from someone who has been there herself.


5 Tips On How To Fall In Love With Valentines Day

Find out 5 ways you can make Valentines Day the best day ever after your divorce or break-up.


5 Mistakes That Divorced Parents Make (EXPERT)

If you want to make sure children don't suffer during divorce avoid 5 astounding mistakes.

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