5 Steps To Get Your Man Back


5 Steps To Get Your Man Back
Confessions and insights from a man who gave a woman four chances.
  1. Don’t put the other person down, ever. A relationship should make each other better, not beat each other down.
  2. Never use the relationship as a pawn. Realize that what you say creates your future. So, don’t ever say something that suggests you want to end the relationship … unless you really want to end it.
  3. Heal yourself – if you have not comes to terms with you, to love you, your love will always be veiled with need; I love you because I need … (to feel loved, to feel complete, to improve my self worth …). True love is a gift giving frely, expecting nothing in return.
  4. Last and more importantly develop a relationship common vision. Talk with your partner about what a relationship looks like to him. Share what it looks like to you and work to create a common vision. Then, once decided, live into that vision; don’t let yourself be pushed by your past relationship experiences. An example?  Here's mine: "To create a relationship in which everyone talks about … for the right reasons."

What I’ve learned from my experiences and other men, is that most times it’s good to look and moving forward to find love. But sometimes, you do find love looking in the rear view mirror. Wanting someone back requires you to be truthful to you, to taking responsibility for your actions, to learn to forgive and to let go, and to recognizing real love.

As you continue your quest for love - be it the one that just left, the one yet to come or the one inside you - I do hope that you too will see the ten suns that shine within you and your partner. And I hope that these words have help you create a relationship in which everyone talks about … for the right reasons.

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