Divorce: A Path Of Conscious Evolution


Divorce: A Path Of Conscious Evolution
Divorce is a dark period in our life. But we need to experience darkness to know the light.

Material Change or Living Soulfully
The humanity of a life turned upside down is a loss of control and an abundance of ambiguity: Where am I going to live? Can I cope financially? What is my role as a mother or father? Who are my friends? We are overwhelmed with stress, uncertainty, sadness, anger… We work to reclaim and redefine our sense of self with items, money and dominance – paths of materialism to define us.

The divinity of life change is a realization of all those things in which we attach our self as a way of self-definition. This path is one of increasing awareness that leads to further connecting with our soul which is not attached to materialism. We begin to realize that true happiness is a selfless service to others and we define who we are by our soul’s purpose. By choosing to evolve our consciousness, choosing to serve others and fulfill the purpose of our soul – we walk the path towards divinity by living our soul’s purpose.


Choose Your Path

“I Want a divorce” is a choice of two paths – humanity and divinity. Which will you choose to walk? One of self-destructive or self-limiting stories, fear and uncertainty, and material self-definition – a path down continued humanity? Or a path of increasing awareness, awakening your soul, and living our soul’s purpose – a path of divinity and conscious evolution? The choice is yours.

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