The "Cure" For Marital Problems


The "Cure" For Marital Problems
Too often we treat the symptom. To cure martial problems you have to treat the virus.

In loving our self we become whole in mind and spirit. If we are not whole, then at some level, our love with another in some form is an emotional extraction to sooth our ego/self-worth, a need. This is unhealthy and leads to creating negative emotions in the relationship. But being whole, on the other hand, creates love that is truly a gift given with no expectation of it needing to be returned.

In raising our level of commitment, we rise above influences of society and face reality – that both people in the relationship need to grow and learn. Having commitment to "stick it out" through good or bad, until death do you part creates a powerful bond and a safe environment to work through the hard times. This creates a high level of trust enabling the couple to slowly peel away at the cultural symptoms, treat the virus and mutually evolve.

Many times marital issues run deeper than the symptoms. Couples need to peel away at the symptom to get down to the cause, the virus. It is at that level that you will find your cure and evolve your ability to love each other.

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