Break The Connection Before You Break Your Wallet


Break The Connection Before You Break Your Wallet
Separation is hard on men. Break the connection through acceptance, repositioning and refocus.


Refocus your attention will help you find your attractive self. You do this by realizing that you can create the same emotional connection with not only one, but several women. When you do this you begin to not only regain your confidence, but also break that emotional connection with your spouse.


To start the process, talk with other women having no other goal but to just talk. When you remove your emotional and physical desires, you’ll start to realize that talking is fun, easy and relaxing. Talk to at least two women a day. Even if it’s just a short “Hi, how are you today?” the point is to just get you active again. Then slowly work your way up to talking for a few minutes and ultimately going to have a cup of coffee or lunch.

There is no doubt that separation is emotionally and financially draining. Begin the process of breaking the connection through accepting, repositioning and refocusing and your wallet will live to see another day.

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