6 Reasons Love Is Better After 50


6 Reasons Love Is Better After 50
If you've done your homework on you, 50 is just the beginning of creating awesome love.

Experiencing these worldly journeys with my partner will make our life that much fuller.

  • And last, and certainly best – is the Perkins Discount! Okay I have to admit – I love Perkin’s pancakes – well and pretty much everything else they have on their menu. For years I have been waiting for their senior discount. Sure I’ll have to wait another 5 years and a few months, but when I turn that lucky age of 55 - my partner and I will be a regular.  And with the money saved, we can go out more often (ha, ha)!
  • Okay, so the Perkins reason may have been laced with some humor, but I am truly excited for their senior discount – just ask my kids. Can you see the importance? Can you read between the lines and dig deeper? It's not about the discount or the pancakes. Perkins represents a concept. Be it traveling or having a personal renaissance, our outlook on life is determined by our attitude not about our age.

    Me, I say cheers 50 and to your and my wonderful journey beyond that magical number. (But, if you are in a Perkins, look at the booth beside you, you just might see me there - wink).

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