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Love Yourself This Thanksgiving

It's almost turkey day (except for the vegetarians who celebrate this incredible holiday). The best thing about Thanksgiving besides the green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and the other food I always bring to the table, is giving thanks. If you're single and ready for love, giving thanks and ...

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Wow Him Tonight: Foreplay That Starts Before The Bedroom

What is foreplay anyway? Well to start off, it's a noun, but it is so much more than that, and if you pay attention and learn the art of epic foreplay you might not even make it to the bedroom. (The backseat or the broom closet might just have to do)! According to the Urban Dictionary, foreplay is ...

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5 Steps To A Friendly Divorce. Don't Be Friends. Be Friendly.

Breaking up is never easy, and going through a divorce can be more painful than your first bike crash when you were 6. You were getting really good. You were pedaling along beautiful, or so you thought. You felt really confident in your skills, then all of the sudden there is a wooly worm in your path and your ...

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4 Easy Steps For Effective Communication In Love

You don't want to look like the couple in this picture, do you? If not, keep reading... What goes wrong when you first meet a new guy, and why you never hear from him again. Did the first date conversation make you feel like a complete dork? That's okay. But you've got to learn some basic ...

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Surprising Flirting Tips That Really Work

If you're single, flirting is one of the most important things to keep in your girly pink toolbox, and please don't stop flirting once he's become your boyfriend or husband. Flirting gets new relationships off to a great start and refreshes a 7-year-old relationship, making you feel like you just got ...

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Articles by Dina Z Colada

Love Yourself This Thanksgiving

Have problems with feeling bad over the holidays? Learn how to love yourself. Start with epic love!

Wow Him Tonight: Foreplay That Starts Before The Bedroom

Wow Him Tonight: Foreplay That Starts Before The Bedroom

The best flirts know it: foreplay begins long before you hit the bedroom.


5 Steps To A Friendly Divorce. Don't Be Friends. Be Friendly.

If you are having a hard time with your ex, learn the 5 easy steps to be friends after divorce.


4 Easy Steps For Effective Communication In Love

Learn how to get the love you want by using effective communication on your first date.

Cocktail Lady

Surprising Flirting Tips That Really Work

Sure, you know how to flirt. But doing it with STYLE is a whole other story. Go for the unexpected.

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