Time To Move On From Your Ex So You Can Get It On!


Time To Move On From Your Ex So You Can Get It On!
Are you ready to move on and get over that guy? Get your booty out there and get online, girl!

Do you have trouble letting go of the past? It's time to move on so you can get it on! I am so glad to be alive today and share my life with the people I care about and to let go of the people I used to know. And, you know a big part of getting over your ex is EPIC Dating, so you may have EPIC Love and EPIC Relationships! Pining away over your ex?  Learn the best single tip for getting over it and learn how to do it the right way!

Is your past holding you back in finding love? If you are clinging on to an old boyfriend or lover? These attachments can keep you from finding the love you really want and deserve.


Here is are a few simple things you can do right now to help you get over your ex boyfriend, even if you thought he was "the one." Are you comparing every new person to your ex? Because if you are, you are holding yourself back by remaining attached. There is one thing you can do right now to feel better. If you have trouble letting go of the past, something might trigger you, and that's okay.

Pay attention to your feelings when you feel flooded with emotions. This is the first step to letting go: being aware. Being aware of your emotions is key to getting the life that you want. It could be a Coldplay song that gets the tears flowing. Or, maybe your ex pops up in your Facebook feed with his new girlfriend...I know it can make you feel just sick.

When an icky feeling pops up about your old lover, don't stuff it down. Take a moment to feel it. Feel the hurt. Go ahead and let yourself feel sorry for yourself. Let yourself cry (crying actually releases oxytocin, and this is a good thing). Then eventually…the feeling will stop. You will eventually get bored with these feelings. Make peace with feeling them and then letting go.

Most importantly, make peace with yourself. You did the best you can. Then tell yourself "Okay, that was then, this is now. The way I'm feeling is just because of a thought." Take the time to appreciate your old lover and the things you learned during your time with them. I'm sure you learned some things that didn't work in that relationship. 

Appreciate the lessons you learned and keep learning. Keep learning about men and women, and mainly yourself. Take the time to appreciate the things around you, and then get out there. Start making new friends, and date as much as possible; it will give you practice.  Live life and have fun! 

One suggestion I highly recommend is trying online dating, but you've got to have a great profile to attract the right kind of man. There are so many amazing available singles online! If you are online, and you are attracting the wrong kind of guys, you need to update your profile, and I am guessing big time.  One of the best ways to do this is to hire a professional dating coach (like me) to assist with your profile!

Case in point, get out there and have some fun, ladies! Today could be your lucky day.

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