5 Ways For Single Moms To Have Some Fun


5 Ways For Single Moms To Have Some Fun [EXPERT]
Learn how to make friends and make time for dating, too!

3. Keep in touch with your new friend. You don't have to fill them in on every little detail in your life, but a great topic of conversation of course is men. This is something most single women think about at least once in a while. My girlfriend and I would actually get out the smart-phones, and compare online dating profiles of men who were messaging us and it is a lot of fun. She went out with a guy on one date and she said he was a fantastic kisser. Nothing worked out between them but I ended up going out with the same man; I thought kissing him was like kissing a bologna sandwich. Top 10 Traits All Singles Are Searching For

4. Get a date. It's easier than you think; if you put on your best smile and open your heart to the possibilities, men will start crawling out of the woodwork. You can meet some of these men in the grocery store. Tell your friends you are single and are interested in meeting a really great guy. Get with online dating, even if you don't want to, it won't cost you dime. There are tons of free sites and I guarantee you will get bombarded with emails from single men. Learn how to gain confidence in 1 easy step.

5. Start swapping. So, you've got a blind date with your girlfriend's cute single cousin. Now all you've got to do is pick up the phone and call your single girlfriend who's kid just so happens to collect baseball cards, just like your son. It's perfect. You're single and she's single. You like her, she likes you, and your kids get along great.

Tell her about your hot date and ask her if she wants to swap and you also like having her son over. Her kid is entertained with your kid, and it's almost like she's getting a free babysitter and gaining a new friend. You can drop off some snacks and you get to chat for a few. When the date is over, you get live one-on-one conversation with someone who understands you. She understands what you're going through, because she is also a single mom who is looking for love. 3 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

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