Find Love After Divorce By Eating Chicken Wings


Find Love After Divorce By Eating Chicken Wings
Single and divorced? Find out where the men are and what they like to eat.

Have you ever been to a sports bar during the playoffs? If dating is a numbers game, then the Babesball is the place to be when the Steelers are crushing the Giants. The ratio of men to women is totally off balanced, in your favor. This is no Tupperware party. You will feel like a Goddess. There is a better selection of men there, than there are varieties of beers on tap. And there are plenty of stouts, ales and lagers to choose from. Don't bring your old relationship baggage to the sportsbar.

Men are from Mars and smart ones like to read.

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If you like to read and appreciate a man who does the same, hit the closest bookshop on Saturday, and don’t forget to wear your favorite plaid skirt, your biggest smile, and some lipstick. Check out the gizmo and car magazine section. There are always men there looking at the latest gadgets and women in bikinis.

While you’re thinking about cutting out the picture of new red sportster with heated seats and an iPod dock for your vision board, you might catch that cutie checking out your curves and pretending to look at the glossy pages instead. But you know his game. He’s really checking you out and he’s thinking “wow, she must be really cool if she’s reading a car magazine.”

Get online girlfriend.

People might say, “You better be careful, there are a lot of weirdo’s out there.” There are more than a few crackpots, but you can tune into your intuition and it will usually lead you in the opposite direction. There are plenty of red flags in a man’s online dating profile that can help you say yeah or nay.

A few red flags are: underwear shots, talking about everything he doesn’t want, posting a picture where there is a left hand on his shoulder with a wedding ring, and the rest of the body cut out. That is a big no-no. Talk about freshly split up.

These are just a few places where you can meet interesting men after your divorce. Dating after divorce is about discovery and having fun. Dating will help you figure out what you are looking for. Dating is an experiment in your life that will surprise you and give you a reason to paint your toes. When you are online, you want to do it the right way so you attract the kind of men you are looking to meet.

A first date doesn’t mean that he is the one. You might have a boring date or two, or three or even four. But this guy could end up being your friend and you could learn something about yourself in his presence.

Your date is a person that’s just looking for someone to see him for who he is. We all want to be seen feel accepted, and be loved. So put your best foot forward and appreciate your date with that boring guy. He has feelings too, and he might just have a really cute cousin.

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