Single? 15 Things To Quit Cold Turkey


Single? 15 Things To Quit Cold Turkey [EXPERT]
If you want to find love, it's time to give up these 15 things.

6. Give up on self-defeating talk. Don't tell yourself that you need to be prettier, skinnier or somethinger to find a good date. If your best friend was saying the things to you that you say to yourself, would you still be her friend? Probably not. Be a friend to yourself. Improve your self-esteem by dating.

7. Give up on complaining about what a man is not doing. If he's not making dates with you, don't complain about it. Put on your big girl pants and have some fun with your friends, or even better, get a date with that cute nerdy guy who wears bow ties to work.

8. Give up on criticizing a man for what he is doing. If he's asking you out last minute, you don't need to complain to him about it; your actions will speak volumes.

Complaining is one of the biggest turn-offs for men. Don't accept a last minute date if it doesn't make you feel good. If you are busy reading a book or making dinner, that is busy enough to graciously decline his 9pm "classy invitation." 25 Best Bits Of Dating Advice From Mom

9. Give up your need to impress a man. Wear what you want because it makes you feel good, not because you think he would want you to wear it. If you like purple nail polish and he doesn't, he's going to have to learn to love it if he wants you to stick around, because purple is your color.

10. Give up your resistance to change. Change makes the world go round and if you had to wear the same dress every day, life would be boring. The same thing goes for when you're single.

There's no need to focus on just one construction worker; you can go out with both Dr. Bob and your mailman. You can see them all the same day if you feel like, and you have the time to do this before any exclusivity happens.

11. Give up labels. You've only gone on a date or two right? There's no need for labeling him as your "boyfriend," and there's no need for you to give up your other options just yet.

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