Online Dating: What Men Should Say In Those Emails


Online Dating: What Men Should Say In Those Emails
Are you a guy getting zero responses from the ladies? What are you doing wrong? Everything!

You have been single for a while and would love to have a girlfriend, but you have sent what seems like 100s of emails to every woman and you get no response. What are you doing wrong?

The BIGGEST mistakes I see men make with online dating is sending the WRONG kind of email. There is one thing that almost every man does when he tries to meet women online and it is EXHAUSTING for women.


If you want to spend every night alone playing video games with your friends, keep writing this in your emails…

You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
Hey I just wanted to tell you how pretty you are.
Hey sexy.
You are gorgeous!
You look like a model.

This is the most boring email a guy can send to a girl. A beautiful woman KNOWS that she is beautiful. Just don't do it. When you send these kinds of emails, she will feel like you are not seeing what is on the inside and only looking at her as an object. We know you are checking us out, but you can be different than all of the other guys and say something else that will show us that you know about us.

When I was online I was getting 50+ emails a day and 90% of them would say all the boring physical traits messages. And you know what happened? These men didn't get a response because they sounded like every other guy online. These kinds of guys sound like they have no idea what women want. These kinds of guys are boring! Do you ever wonder why you are still single even though you've been online for 3 years?

But you are different and I commend you for making the commitment to make your love life better. You are the kind of guy who wants to figure out how to do things right. 

If you want to learn how to attract women, keep on reading my blog. I'm just getting started writing for men and I'm really excited about this!

I KNOW what women want because I am a woman, and I can help you find the girl of your dreams…

Over half of the people reading my stuff are men, and I've been primarily writing for women. What was I thinking? Well… I wasn't. If you want to meet the right woman online, you need to have the words in your profile that will attract women and not repel them.

I am here for you now. If you have any questions, please go here and send me your questions. I want to help make the EPIC Love Blog more balanced. I want to share with you the way to meet and keep an amazing girlfriend. Don't waste your time with a mediocre online dating profile that pushes the right girl away.

This article was originally published at Dina Colada EPIC Dating, Love & Relationships. Reprinted with permission.

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