Fall In Love... With Yourself: 3 Ways To Embrace Being Single


Single and Happy: Just 3 Simple Steps
Look on the bright side: you can drink out of the container and no one else will care.

You find a gym called 24-Hour Fitness. It's a great deal, and they offer yoga!

You love flexibility in all areas of your life, and it sounds like a perfect fit, since you have a crazy schedule. So you set up an appointment to take a tour to see what machines and fitness classes they have to offer. You think to yourself, "I might as well check out the singles while I'm at it too." You've got to be efficient with your time and a little eye candy never hurt anyone.


You push open the big glass doors and the cute woman at the front desk greets you with a smile. She's also wearing a big diamond ring, and it's so pretty. You comment on how beautiful and sparkly it is and she talks about her wonderful husband. She asks where your hubby is; you tell her you are single. She looks at you and laments, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry… you're single."

Wa wa wa wa... You swear you can hear the tiny violin pity-party concerto creeping out from inside the free weight room. So that's where they hide all the single, cute men. If you are sick of being single, learn the secrets to attract the love you want.

Paaaaleeease! Put the bows away, maestro. It's time to get your band back together and it's time to get you back together. Being single can be incredibly amazing if you learn to have fun and dance to your own music.

There are a few simple things you can do to be happy while you're on your journey to a partner that is the perfect fit for you: so get out the steel drums and your island dress because it's time to calypso!

1. Appreciate Being Single
Yes! When you are single, you have so much freedom to live your life exactly how you choose. You can drink straight out of the freshly squeezed, organic OJ container with no complaints from anyone. There's no alarm clock waking you up before you have to get up for work, and you can listen to your favorite album five times in a row if you feel like it. Although, there might be a man out there somewhere who really appreciates the Indigo Girls on repeat. (Feel like you've been on the spin cycle of the bad romance machine for too long?)

2. Bask In The Feelings Of Love (Even If It Is Through The Eyes Of Someone Else)
When you see a happy couple, don't be jealous of what they share. Feel the love between them. This love is inside of you too; you just have to learn how to tap into it. Just because you don't have a partner right this very second, doesn't mean he or she isn't right around the corner. Your partner just happens to be getting ready for you right this very minute.

3. Get In Touch With Yourself
Figure out what makes you happy, then do it! Make sure you take time out of every day to take care of yourself and do something that makes you feel really good. These can be things that you can do at home for free. Meditate, or laugh watching the Ellen DeGeneres show, (She likes meditation too. Get the free app that makes meditation easy!) Paint your nails, dance to your favorite band while you fold towels, take a salt bath (this will also help release negative energy in your aura), or drink some herbal tea while you watch the sun rise. Do things that are good for you. Because when you give yourself love you will attract more love into your life. 

This love is found everywhere, in nature and inside of yourself. Love is all around, and you will notice this love if only you are aware.

Tap into your heart and listen to what it has to say. Even if you feel sad, (and sometimes you will), I promise those feelings won't last forever. Everything is in perfect balance and when there is sadness, happiness must follow. When you tap into the love that is inside of you, the backup band will play the music that makes your heart sing. Be brave. Dance like no one is watching and always love yourself.

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