10 Signs You're Being Treated Like A Doormat


10 Signs You're Being Treated Like A Doormat [EXPERT]
There's a fine line between being generous and being a sucker.

8. You accept a guy being one hour late for every date. If he's a few minutes late, give him a break. But if you've gone out four times and he's always at least one hour late, you are being more and more of a doormat every time.

9. He asks you to leave after having sex. This is about one of the best ways to feel like a doormat in the worst way. (Unless you like to sleep alone.) If you like to snuggle up with your lover after sex, he needs to know this is important to you. 8 Reasons Why We Can't Resist Bad Boys


10. He talks about his sexual conquests in front of you. You are not one of his fraternity brothers and you don't need to hear about all the notches on his bedpost. Cheaters & The Women They Date: 4 Things You Should Know

You need to be clear with your personal boundaries. Figure out what is acceptable to you, and what is totally unacceptable. If you want him to talk about other women and his past in front of you, that's your own prerogative. We are all different, but no woman ever needs to be anybody's doormat, even if he is the richest, most handsome guy you've ever met.

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