Healthy Habits for Living Longer


Healthy Habits for Living Longer
Current research shows that people are getting more comfortable with aging.

The benefits of strength training exercises are to build muscle mass. Plan to include strength training in your exercise program three times a week for an hour each time to reap its benefits.

Are there limitations to aging?


Some people will say yes, and some say no. It all depends on your mindset. We might not be able to do everything we used to. People who have a positive view on aging will have a realistic view on their life. With the attitude of adjusting to opportunities that they were not able to pursue in earlier years, they find rich opportunities for satisfaction and self-growth.  For others, these aging limitations may be seen as a punishment or burden and resort to giving up and accepting the lack of vitality, and limitation as a way of life.

Successful people see aging as an exciting opportunity that gives more time to focus on other activities that are pleasure driven such as volunteering, learning a new language or hobby. No matter what your situation or position in life, there are lots of interesting opportunities that are creative for you to be curious about. Seeking these activities and using them are keys to vitality in old age.

Each morning when we wake up is another day to be thankful for and have a plan in place of activities to do that make us feel alive and better after they are completed. These could be simply volunteering in homeless shelter, a school, working in the garden, learning a craft, going on a field trip, reading a great book, a sport activity or delving in any pursuit that makes you feel better.

What this can do?

The brain is the only organ that determines how it ages. The more you stimulate it mentally with activities that absorb you, the more "plasticity" you develop, increasing the number of synaptic connections between cells. The brain is the "operating system" of our body. When we protect our brain a ripple effect is created. A sharp memory and positive outlook allows you to more likely take the actions that contribute to overall good health and longer life such as watching what you eat, exercising and staying attentive to other people will strengthen your relationships. Keep reading...

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