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The Fear Of Being Direct

Writer Aaron Sorkin and HBO have given us "The Newsroom," a terrific new show with plenty of material to write about, in this case, the fear of being direct. In the first season of "The Newsroom," anchor Will McAvoy and executive producer MacKenzie McHale work their way from a very ...

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Caring What Others Think: Dependency And "The Newsroom"

"Of course I care what others think," you may say to yourself. "Doesn’t everybody?"  Considering others' feelings is important, but this is something different; an inordinate concern about what others think of you is a sign of dependency. Remember, dependency is needing someone ...

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How To Get People To Do What You Want

Do I have your attention now?! The quest to get someone to do what they want brings many people into therapy, whether they want the partner, child, friend, client, or parents to stop smoking, be nice, have sex more often, have ...

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Seeking Attention Vs. Paying Attention

Attention is just attention, right? No! There’s a huge difference between seeking attention and paying attention. Think about the kid in school who will do anything for attention—singing during the lesson, interrupting the teacher or other students, grabbing another student’s ponytail, calling ...

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Play by the Rules!

"Don't talk to single people at parties."  "Mention within the first five minutes of a conversation that you have a partner."  "Don't notice other attractive people when you're with me." Do you have rules for your partner?  When one half of a couple ...

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Bad Date

The Fear Of Being Direct

If you scared of being direct, you're not alone. TV characters and many others struggle, too.

deep breath

Caring What Others Think: Dependency And "The Newsroom"

Caring what others think of us gets in the way. It's easier to see this in tv than in real life!

Change Ahead

How To Get People To Do What You Want

Trying to get someone to do what you want is a powerful urge. How does that work in "real life"?

Crying Baby

Seeking Attention Vs. Paying Attention

Do you seek attention, or pay attention? There's a world of difference between the two!


Play by the Rules!

Making rules for your partner means you've cast yourself as the parent and your partner as the kid.

Diane Spear, LCSW-R

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