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"Enlightened" Superiority

While flipping through the channels, I landed on HBO’s series "Enlightened," and stayed to watch because I admire actress Laura Dern's work. She plays Amy Jellicoe, a corporate executive who has a dramatic flame-out, goes to a spiritual retreat center, and returns to her life as a ...

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HBO And Narcissism

Does HBO have a monopoly on series centered around characters who suffer from narcissism? No, but the network sure has its share! There was Valerie Cherish (played by Lisa Kudrow) in "The Comeback," which my husband swears was cancelled because the character was too excruciating to watch. Now Amy ...

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"Because You Loved Me"—Co-dependency Or Good Parenting?

A few years ago I was waiting in a doctor's office and, having forgotten to bring the parenting book I was studying, was at the mercy of Muzak. One of the songs that came on was a Céline Dion hit written by Diane ...

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Therapy: Long Or Short?

The buzz in therapy circles in April 2012 concerned a New York Times article written by a NYC psychotherapist, ...

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Therapy Vs. The Geographical Fix

In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), members talk about going for a geographical fix. What is a geographical fix, you ask? It's the idea that if you're miserable in NYC, you can fix your life by moving to San Francisco or some other place. Or if you're unhappy in your relationship with John or Johanna, you ...

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Articles by Diane Spear, LCSW-R

"Enlightened" Superiority

Warning: This is another television-and-therapy post, this time with a focus on superiority.


HBO And Narcissism

HBO has many series built around narcissistic characters. They "push our buttons" in real life, too!


"Because You Loved Me"—Co-dependency Or Good Parenting?

Is the classic Celine Dion hit a tribute to a Pygmalion lover or to a loving parent?


Therapy: Long Or Short?

A psychotherapist claimed to be able to get to the bottom of many problems in one session. Hmm...


Therapy Vs. The Geographical Fix

Are you unhappy because of your circumstances? Look deeper to improve your happiness quotient.

Diane Spear, LCSW-R

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