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"Enlightened" Returns! [EXPERTS]

Laura Dern, Mike White, Diane Ladd, and Luke Wilson are back for another season of HBO's "Enlightened"—and I'm thrilled to have one of my favorite casts of narcissistically-challenged characters return. ...

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10 Date Night Ideas For Exhausted Parents

Did you have an abundance of date night ideas early in your relationship? How about when you were newly married? As parents, what date night ideas do the two of you come up with these days? Do you even have a date ...

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Family Language

Have you known someone who says, "I'm with my partner because I love her [or him] despite the fact that she's mean [or irresponsible, or gambles compulsively, or whatever]."? The psychological truth is that the person is with the ...

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Natural Networking

"I don’t know how to network" or "Networking feels so fake" or "I'm too shy to network."  Sound familiar? You know your business would improve if you networked, but you're just too uncomfortable to try. (Read the "Read More

"I Could've Had A V-8!" Versus Satisfaction

Do you find yourself saying some variation of "I could've had a V-8!" about the situations or choices you’ve made in your life? What does "I could've had a V-8!" mean, anyway? Poor decisions, or chronic lack of satisfaction? It's an expression of a lack of ...

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Diane Spear, LCSW-R

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"Enlightened" Returns! [EXPERTS]

The narcissistically-challenged characters on season 2 of HBO's "Enlightened" can teach us plenty!

dad sleeping baby

10 Date Night Ideas For Exhausted Parents

Need ideas for a romantic evening out without the kids? We've got you covered.


Family Language

The emotional language of childhood attracts you to familiar people and situations: chemistry.


Natural Networking

Are you intimidated by networking events? Good news: You probably already network every day!


"I Could've Had A V-8!" Versus Satisfaction

Do you frequently regret the choices you've made? Always looking for something better?

Diane Spear, LCSW-R

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