Family Language


Family Language
The emotional language of childhood attracts you to familiar people and situations: chemistry.

This plays out in the world of work, too. Have you known someone who has had one abusive boss after the other, or has found something horribly wrong with every company where he or she works? Well, who's the common denominator in all of these work situations? This person! Who's the common denominator in a string of failed, unsatisfying relationships? This person! Is this random or "destined"? When I say destined, I don't mean some magical force at work. I mean that the person is "primed" through the family language of childhood for these ultimately unsatisfying situations. 

If you've been in a number of unsatisfying jobs and/or relationships, therapy can help you understand the family language you learned and its effects on your life today—and learn a new language that will help you function in a different way, so that you can override the pull to familiar dissatisfaction and be able to make room for joy in your everyday life.  

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