Foods That Can Help Your Brain Performance


Foods That Can Help Your Brain Performance
Healthy foods that help with depression, dementia, and brain performance

The foods recommended to be consumed and avoided by everybody can be worked into a diabetic meal plan. The berries do have fructose which may raise the sugar and people with diabetes will need to take this into account when they count carbohydrates in order to be compliant with their prescribed diabetic meal plan. Good control of blood sugar is a crucial element when considering your diabetes meal plan, and you should follow the recommendations from your health care provider in terms of the amount of carbohydrates allowed per meal and continue to use the glycemic index and glycemic load of all the foods you consume in planning your menu. See which of these recommendations are practical for you and please consult with your health care provider before changing your diet. Please let us know if you have any tips or any recipes that utilize the foods that are beneficial to your health.
Sybil Kramer MD

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