7 Flirting Mistakes Women Make


7 Flirting Mistakes Women Make [EXPERT]
Have you made any of these monstrous mistakes?

6. Flirting with a guy when he is clearly angry. There are good times to flirt and bad times to flirt. When a guy is visibly angry about something, you want to avoid flirting. He will likely be too distracted by whatever has caused his anger to give you an honest chance. However, if he is sad or disappointed about something, flirting may cheer him up. How To Speed Flirt Your Way To New Love

7. Flirting in a professional setting. This is a big mistake. This may include a company party or professional banquet. Flirting in these situations can be taken the wrong way, and may cause people to view you differently in your career, leading to negative consequences within your job.

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