5 Things Every Women Should Do To Find Mr. Right


5 Things Every Women Should Do To Find Mr. Right
5 things every women should do when looking for Mr. Right.

Tip 4: Look Attractive
Take the time to look your best. After all, the first thing that attracts a man to a woman is her looks; followed by the things that she has to say. Keep in mind, there is always more to a person than what meets the eye; and this includes you too. Be sure to keep some things a secret until the appropriate time. In other words, dress sexy and sophisticated; dismiss the hooker type clothing. Showing will all your goodies will definitely get you attention, but probably not the type of attention you were looking for. Also, remember that confidence is always attractive. Men like it when women are confident and sure of themselves.

Tip 5: Be Nice
When all else fails, smile! When you smile at a guy, be sure to look him in the eye. Let him see that you are genuine. If you choose to say ‘Hello’, ask him how he’s been AND listen attentively. If you go to the bar for a glass of wine, ask him if he wants a glass too. If you see that he could use a napkin; give him one. If you are ordering food, be extra kind to your server. Be aware that he’s not only looking at how you treat him, he also wants to see how you treat others as well.



Just as there are things that can make you more attractive to men, there are things you may be doing that are turning men off or sabotaging your relationships. You might not even be aware of the fact you are doing it. CLICK HERE to watch my free video on the #1 mistake women make.


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