16 Facts Every Single Girl Needs To Know


16 Facts Every Single Girl Needs To Know [EXPERT]
Calling all the single ladies! Finally, everything you should know about the dating world.

4. Smiling makes you look happy and beautiful.

5. Men are just as afraid of rejection as you are.


6. You don’t need to wear revealing clothes to be sexy.

7. Being coy is extremely hot.

8. You should not play hard to get.

9. Sometimes good friends give bad advice.

10. You have awesome talents that make you uniquely you.

11. Believe you are beautiful.

12. Texting does not mean he doesn't care enough to call.

13. If he approaches you in public it is because he is attracted to you.

14. Don't over analyze what a guy says to you.

15. Don't blame your new date for things your ex did.

16. Once again, you are a beautiful.

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