The Friendship Foundation & Why It's So Important


happy couple lying in bed
Hot sex is great, but friendship lasts forever.

Psychologist Arthur Aron, who collaborated in a study using FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), found that couples who enjoy regular doses of that "feel good" hormone, Dopamine, are not only experiencing romantic love but also enjoy "engaging in self-expanding joint activities that are novel and challenging," which make them more likely to last. The amount of pleasure that couples feel when they are around each other is a tie that binds.

If you focus on things that you both enjoy, nurture your sense of adventure and continue to have open communication, your chances of being together for the long haul are pretty good. And if you are single and you find yourself beginning to feel a different kind of chemistry with a close friend, know that you're in the good company of many couples who have loved and lasted.

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