The Shocking Effect Of Marriage On Same-Sex Couples


lesbians gay marriage
Despite the joy surrounding the legalization of gay marriage, one sobering statistic remains.

When Sandy asks Joan to marry her it forces Joan to make a conscious decision about how she sees her future. Her indecision causes hurt, an argument and ultimately the admission by Joan that she wants out of the relationship.

The possibility of marriage can also affect a couple's sexual relationship. Two men who have been living together for years but have agreed to an open relationship now have the choice of getting married. If they get married, what does that mean in terms of their monogamy? Will marriage change things between them?


For many, marriage means monogamy. In a study done by Wright State University, Drs. Kurdeck and Schmitt state, "Partners in open relationships were living together significantly longer than partners in closed relationships." The option of marriage will probably change things for them.

For gay couples who have communicated well and have strong relationships, the passage of gay marriage will only strengthen their bond. But for couples who have been coasting along, it has highlighted their issues — and separated the wheat from the chaff. 

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