Alternative Coping Strategies to Cutting


Alternative Coping Strategies to Cutting
Cutting is a maladaptive coping strategy more adolescents are engaging in. Cause for alarm?


In a social media ridden time where no one keeps their thoughts to themeselves and it is socially acceptable to post pictures of being in pain why is it cool to post pictures of cutting all over the internet? Cutting is a form of self-mutilation that generally arises from trauma, eating, mood or anxiety disorders.  


Instances of cutting are increasing and if left untreated will continue throughout adolescene and adult years.  These behaviors are starting to be identified in the middle schools.  


It's important to realize your friends are not trained professionals and to research a trained therapist.  It is also not a good idea to create social networking sites dedicated to self-diagnose, treat, or gain followers surrounding this condition.  Once you find a therapist make sure your comfortable enough to be open and honest to share the frequency of your cutting and surrender what your using to cut or self-injure with.  Once your comfortable you and your therapist can start your work to identify anxiety symptoms, trauma, depression, and/or if a referral needs to be made to a psychiatrist.  A psychiatrist may be able to address some of the underlying mood/anxiety symptoms medicinally.  The healthy coping strategies will start to emerge.  

 There's a self-injury help line that can be utilized as well; 1-800-DONT-CUT and Teens Health (online). —




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