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How to Roll Your Guys Eyes Back in His Eye Sockets, Every Time.

Okay, so now that I have your attention ladies, I need to inform you that this article may get a bit, shall we say “racy?” If you’re good with that please, continue reading. If not, well, okay then! In this article I’ll be discussing passion, I’ll be discussing control; ...

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What Women Don't Know About Men, Part 2

What Women Don’t Know About Men: Part Two: We have a Mama Complex: You might be surprised at how many men have a “Mama Complex” and are really just looking for a replacement for their mother. Now I’m not just talking about having a woman to cook, launder, and clean up after ...

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What Women Don't Know About Men, Part 1

A quote attributed to the great George Carlin states that “Men are all stupid and Women are all crazy. And the reason women are all crazy is because men are all stupid” I’d like to add a few words to this sage verbiage: “And when the few men who are not stupid run into the women who the ...

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Hurricanes, Football & Lessons 101

I dislike when I get writer's block, especially with so many wonderful and inspiring things I can write about! I heard a rumor that it is acceptable to plagiarize yourself, and that's what I'll be doing from time to time! I've had a long-standing blog, Read More

Live Into Your Winning Story

Are you deserving enough to attract love into your life? I mean, are you truly worthy? Are you confident in whom you are, how you appear, and that you’ll know what to do if love does appear suddenly? What if you’re not good looking enough? What if you don’t make enough money, live ...

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Kiss Me

How to Roll Your Guys Eyes Back in His Eye Sockets, Every Time.

A departure from the usual, this is Racy, Naughty, and very, very X-Rated!

Couple Fighting

What Women Don't Know About Men, Part 2

More "juiciness" to add to the controversy of Part One of this blog.

Couple Fighting

What Women Don't Know About Men, Part 1

The simple things that you don't know about men can kill every relationship possibility you have.

Hurricanes, Football & Lessons 101

What does it really take for a man and woman to love one another unconditionally?

Hitting The Target

Live Into Your Winning Story

When you live into the story that you truly desire you will attract everything that you really want.

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