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Uh Oh - Forget His Name? *Grin

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Who cares? "Yummy Stranger" sounds way better than "Rob" or "Joe" anyway!

K, I mean no disrespect towards men in writing today’s article. Truly – cross-my-heart - I love you men and I adore almost everything about you.

But sometimes, gosh darnit, us grown women have to have a laugh at your expense.

Case in point, this past weekend at lunch with two of my girlfriends. I was full-on absorbed, trying to making a point around dating, when my mind reached into my dating memory bank for a personal example – a guy’s name -

…and without even thinking, without even so much as a pause, instead of calling this guy by his real name, out came Fat Charlie Sheen and then I kept going.

And my girlfriends howled.

I honestly meant no disrespect. Of course I don’t think of men as only nicknames. But I’d only dated him a couple of times. It was months ago. He hadn’t made that strong an impression on me. But what DID make a strong impression on me was when my drunk gf had first met him and slurred: “Man, he looks like a fat Charlie Sheen.” So it stuck. : )

Whenever us girls get together, other ‘nicknames’ often come into the conversation mix: “Yummy Stranger”, “Football Coach Chad”, “Jon the Dom”, “Mr. Anal Action.” And yes, my dear reader, all these names belong to men that I, and I alone, once dated.

But in my defense, I’m blaming it on having written my memoir. For these were men I dated – and wrote about – during the first year after my divorce. And to protect people’s identities, I changed (and had fun with) the names. And all I can say is that when you write about someone and then rewrite that name over and over and over again, the nickname darn well sticks!!!

I dunno. At the end of the day, I think what’s important in dating after divorce isn’t so much the precise oral recitation of first names so much as the LESSONS one learned. And when I’m sitting across from a friend who’s fresh to dating after divorce, I’m confidant “Yummy Stranger” drills home a message much stronger than “Bob.” Don’t you think? *grin

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