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Ladies, Is Casual Sex What You Need?

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Ethics aside, let's figure out if no-strings sex will give you the release and fulfillment you CRAVE

So you know you're not interested in 'serious'.   Maybe you've recently divorced, or gone through a break up.  Or maybe you're simply focused on other aspects of your life right now.

Nonetheless, some part of you is craving sex.  BIG time.  And you're considering having a casual sexual relationship (or two...or five) cause otherwise, you swear you just might go insane.

But you're concerned over whether it's the best choice for you - how do you know you can 'handle' it?  How can you assess if it'll bring you the fulfillment, release, and possibly even the empowerment you desire?

In this video - ethics 100% put aside - I'll give you with the key questions you need to ask yourself.  This is from the mouth of a divorced mother of three...whose made her own share of well-made mistakes *wink."

(Until the video goes up by YourTango Staff, click the embed code below!)  


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