I KNOW He Acted Like A Total Jerk…But Did You?


I KNOW He Acted Like A Total Jerk…But Did You?
Seven Blows Women Make in a Fight

Mistake #6: Women want and expect their man to respond like a woman. “Why don’t you open up to me?” or “Why can’t you speak from your heart?” This kind of remark comes across as criticism and ignores the basic differences between men/women, ie, men need to solve problems versus explore all the emotions behind it. Instead, acknowledge these male/female differences with an eye on resolution. “I understand it’s hard for you to talk about this…” or “I know you want to solve this problem.”

Mistake #7: They refuse to forgive him until he apologizes, changes or suffers long enough. Waiting for your partner to change or do as you want makes it difficult for him to make a positive change. Opening your own heart and asking for what you want is much more effective…and a truer way of expressing who you really are.

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