Can Women Be Trusted to Uncage Their Sexuality?


Can Women Be Trusted to Uncage Their Sexuality?
If a woman has wild sex after divorce, is she more likely to cheat in her next serious relationship?

That's when I realized that a) a part of him was still struggling with HIS programming to be with a 'Good Girl' and b) some of his fears can from worrying about not measuring up to her past lovers

Thus, I replied: “Maybe these guys look down on her, but maybe they don't.  Remember, they got a taste of what they WISH their girlfriends/wives would be like. They look at you and they KNOW what you get at home…and I bet some large part of them is really jealous, even if they say otherwise to their buddies.


“YOU are an incredible man, ” I continued. “You openly accept her and love her for all that she is and has been. And not many men are big enough, secure enough, passionate enough to love a Woman who has defied the rules.

“Sounds to me like you’re very well matched.”

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