What's An Inner Sex Kitten?


What's An Inner Sex Kitten?

I believe that each of us is born into this world as a bright and shiny bundle of beautiful energy and joy. We are bornworthy of being loved, cherished and adored. I believe that each of us knows what’s right for us. Our gut instincts will guide us towards our innate talents. So, here we are: these shiny, creative and innately happy creatures with an instinct to grow into our best selves as we grow up. But then, life happens.

We get in trouble for being too loud or too messy or too big. As a result, we begin to equate any behavior outside of expectations with the withholding of affection from those we love (and depend upon) the most. So we begin to shrink into smaller, watered down versions of ourselves and try to mold ourselves into who we aren’t.

We do our best to be the perfect reflections of everyone's expectations of us.We close off those parts of us that make us truly unique because we equate love, comfort and security with being good girls. Instead of honoring our birthright to stand out as shining individuals, we do everything in our power to simply blend in.

We sell our souls so that we will fit in and often settle for what we don’t want because it’s what’s expected of us. Yet, in the very depths of our souls, we know that we’re missing something. We hide behind masks and our roles and lives, and we find a way to numb the pain of what is missing. We numb with busyness, food, shopping and other such things.

There is a small voice inside of us trying to be heard. That voice is the core presence of who we are born to be in this world. That, darling, is what I call your Inner Sex Kitten.

Make Your Inner Sex Kitten Roar isn't about looking or behaving in a specific way. It's about unleashing who you really are so that you can live your life on your terms. It's about breaking free from all of our old beliefs as you slowly, but surely, removing the masks. It's finding your way back to the path you were meant to walk since birth.

You can rediscover your own inner sex kitten. When you unleash the sassiest, core version of who you are meant to be in this world, you are better able to love and care for your partner and your children.

Whether you’re just beginning to realize that you are meant for more than existing or have already gone through major changes in your life and are embarking on your next stage of transformation, know that I’m here in your corner cheering you on.

Make Your Inner Sex Kitten Roar begins April 27, 2014. It's 12 months of support as you begin to take tiny steps towards your desires and big leaps of faith in your vision for creating and living a daily life you love.

Debra Smouse is a Tarnished Southern Belle who believes every woman has an inner sex kitten.Visit her website or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.

This article was originally published at Debra Smouse Create a Life You Love . Reprinted with permission.
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You deserve to live a daily life you adore. When you listen to your heart, you can purposefully choose actions to move you towards how you want to feel.

Tarnished Southern Belle (and life coach) Debra Smouse can help you de-tangle the drama in your life, push away the need for perfection, and show you how to create a daily life that you love.

Want to get help taking that first step in creating meaningful goals? Get crystal clear with my free e-Book Listen to Your Heart: Design a Daily Life You Adore.

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