It's A Choice: Don't Be A Drama Queen


It's A Choice: Don't Be A Drama Queen

Do you know those people? The folks who seem like something is always happening to them?  It’s an endless parade of always being busy, flat tires, broken hearts, ecstatic love affairs (that then crash and burn into tragic moments)? Their life is all about the drama, baby.To be honest, darling, some of those people stare right back at is in the mirror (yikes!)  I admit it: after my divorce, I thrived on drama and made friends with fellow drama queens.

People choose drama because it comes from a belief that drama will equal attention. It's also an adrenalin rush. When someone lives in constant drama, they believe they are the victims of circumstance. Nothing is “their fault,” and they are constantly seeking – even begging – to be rescued. Drama is also an addiction that becomes the lifeblood of everyday living.

When my partner and I moved in together in 2010, I unknowingly began a Drama Detox. I woke up each morning feeling loved and cherished. When I went into the kitchen to make coffee, there wasn’t a teary-eyed girlfriend bemoaning lost love, there was peace and quiet laughter. I learned to nourish my mind and my soul with the simple art of living.

Don’t get me wrong, the sudden switch to a peaceful existence was scary as hell and I was afraid I woulc become boring. The only time my heart raced was when we made love.

What I learned was that I could create a daily life that felt nourishing and supportive through kinder treatment of myself and the simple fact: things don’t have to be complicated. As part of my detox, I ended relationships that were filled with drama. Because when we spend our time with Drama Queens and Kings, the lifestyle is going to rub off on us.

Pure and simple, drama distracts you from creating the life of your dreams. The rush of drama may make you feel like you're living, but in truth, darling, it's crippling  you.

The mere act of living means that challenges will be inevitable. There will also be people who want to drag us into their issues, loved ones will die, and work will be stressful. But you can choose simply navigate these challenging moments with grace. No drama necessary. If this reformed Drama Queen can do it, then, darling, I have faith that you, too, can create a life you love. Drama Free.

Not sure where to begin? Let me share my best tools and tricks. Check out ways to we can work together.

Debra Smouse is a Tarnished Southern Belle who ditched drama in 2010. Visit her website or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook.

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You deserve to live a daily life you adore. When you listen to your heart, you can purposefully choose actions to move you towards how you want to feel.

Tarnished Southern Belle (and life coach) Debra Smouse can help you de-tangle the drama in your life, push away the need for perfection, and show you how to create a daily life that you love.

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