8 Tips for More Confidence - Because Confidence is Sexy


8 Tips for More Confidence - Because Confidence is Sexy
Feeling Sexy is About Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Then make bigger decisions: pick a vacation spot or a piece of art or a new suit.   With each decision, you become more and more confident versus waiting for someone to make the decisions for you and letting your confidence wither away.

  • Role Play:  I’m not telling you to not be yourself – I’m simply suggesting you try to wear another person’s shoes for a few moments.  Because, deep inside of you is this confident sexy person – you may just need to try it on for size before you wear it full time.
  • Celebrate Your Victories:   Dig around in your memory and think about things you are so proud of accomplishing.  They can be small or big, affect only you or other people too.  Make a list and as you write each accomplishment down, give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge all that you’ve done.  This is a great step towards building your inner confidence!
  • Show Your Pearly Whites:   A smile is one of those totally controllable actions that you can take into your outer world that will make your inner world soar. Try it.  Walk into a room and just smile. Notice what happens.  Suddenly, good mojo begins to flow towards you.  You start to relax.  Things stop being so damned serious.  And you discover that your confidence is greater.
  • Feeling confident and sexy is about being comfortable in your own skin.  It’s that simple.  What about you?  What tricks do you have to make you feel more confident?  What tips did you like the best to grow make your confidence soar?

    Debra believes that  within every woman is vibrant, passionate, and sexy being just itching to make their inner sex kitten roar.  To learn more, visit Debra's website. You can also connect with her on  Facebook or Twitter.

    This article was originally published at Debra Smouse Create a Life You Love . Reprinted with permission.
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