Want To Create Your Best Year Yet?


Want To Create Your Best Year Yet?
Follow these 5 Steps to create the life you love.

Write a list of things you have decided you want in your life. Be as specific as possible but stay open to the fact that things may show up somewhat differently than you imagined.  Think about the essence of what you want.  Instead of ‘I want more money’, say ‘I want to enjoy the feeling of being able to easily pay all my bills with enough money left over to save and to go on a great vacation.’

Step 2: Set your intention.
An intention in this case is what you want in your life and what you plan to do to get it.  The act of defining your New Year’s resolutions is an example of actually setting your intention for creating what you want for the new year. Wayne Dyer describes intention as an invisible energy field that is inherent in all physical form and that we can feel, connect with, know and trust. It is an inner awareness.


Now that you know what you want from Step 1, set your intention to attract it into your life. The first step in attracting it into your life is to imagine it in your mind. Close your eyes and imagine that you already have the thing that you want. See it in every detail.

Most importantly, feel how you would feel if you already had it.  This creates a powerful and positive energy shift that increases the chance that what you are visualizing will arrive in your life.  Use the Mindfulness of Intention meditation on my Mindfulness Toolkit CD to practice this step.

If you want a well behaved child, close your eyes and imagine your child behaving well. Talk out loud to yourself about how you feel when your child behaves well.

If you want to be healthier, close your eyes and imagine your body being completely well. Actually imagine how your body feels. Say out loud how you feel when your body is comfortable, how it feels to experience complete well-being, how much you love feeling good every day, what it feels like to have lots of energy, to sleep well, to know your body is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Use what Herbert Benson calls ‘remembered wellness’ to remember how it felt when you did feel well.

Feel it. Remember, you change your brain when you do this.

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