Want To Create Your Best Year Yet?


Want To Create Your Best Year Yet?
Follow these 5 Steps to create the life you love.

Do you wish that last year went better for you? Do you struggle sometimes to figure out exactly what you really want?  What would a really great year look like?  Would you feel happy, healthy, less stressed, more successful, more productive, more in touch with your intuition?  Perhaps you would connect better with your loved ones or be a better parent? Is losing weight, making more money, attracting a love partner on your wish list?

Do you want to create the best year of your life?  How about just a really great year? Do you wish you knew exactly how to make this year better than ever?  Would you like to get clear about what you really want? Do you want to get better at staying on track?


We often spend most of our time thinking about what we don’t want.     This creates a brain response that keeps us stuck with what we don’t want, which is probably what we already have. We can change this by deliberately thinking about what we do want even if it hasn’t shown up in our lives yet.

Here are five steps to put this to work in your own life.  Use them to figure out what your best year yet will look like and then to create it. Connect with Deb for FREE 15 Minute Get Acquainted Call.

Step 1: Decide what you want.
The major reason most people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want.  Therefore, in order to get more of what you want in your life, you first need to figure out what that is. There is a saying ‘you can’t make a dream come true if you don’t have a dream’. You most likely already know what you don’t want. And knowing what you don’t want helps you decide what you do want. If your child is disrespectful to you, you know you want them to be respectful. If you have been in a difficult relationship, you learned what didn’t work well for you and what you would rather have in your relationship. If you feel sad, you feel the desire to feel happy. If you have a tough time paying your bills, you know that you would like to have enough money to pay everything easily. If you are shy and awkward in social situations, you know you would like to feel more comfortable around people. If you see a house that you think is ugly, this helps you sort out what type of house you do like. Through this process you discern what you do want.

Rather than being upset by the things you don’t want or don’t like about your life, use them as data to help you decide what you do want. Then you can start to form an image in your mind of what you would like in your life.  It may be helpful to first write a list of the things you don’t want and use this as a springboard to create the list of things you do want.

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