Why Dating is a Sport


Why Dating is a Sport

Choosing your fishing spot is very important. Perhaps you’ve discovered that the area in which you are fishing is rocky or choking with debris, or the fish you hooked is of questionable quality. Good fishermen know when to cut their losses! They pack up and move to another area where the water is clearer, the fishing is better, and with smiles and laughs they start all over again!  

Live bait is gross and wiggly, and dead bait might not be your flavor either. But you know what? You aren’t a fish! If you want a prize fish, you give the fish what the fish wants! You also go fishing in the spot where you can catch the kind of fish you want to take home. Do you want wild river fish, a calm lake fish, or a stock pond farm raised variety? You don’t go fishing for catfish (bottom feeders) if you want a lively trout, and you don’t fish in calm lake waters for a willful sturgeon.


The "fish" are biting, and I know this really great spot…

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