Why Dating is a Sport


Why Dating is a Sport

(3) The fish will look at the bait, take a nibble, decide it’s yummy and with a big gulp, swallows the hook. When you yank that pole to set the hook and reel him in, there is no way in hell he is getting away! The bait and the hook are firmly embedded, and that fish is yours for the taking. Reel him in at a leisurely pace and enjoy his useless fighting to get away!


Yikes! This Fish Is a Reject!

Admittedly, there will be occasions when you hook a fish that you discover later isn’t what quite what you were hoping to catch. However, some women are so desperate for a fish that they will keep that ole raggedy thing anyway. Any fish is better than no fish in their book.

But more discerning women will examine and subsequently throw back a fish that is by law too small, inedible, defective, or a different species than they were fishing for. Those reject fish will end up right on back in the water for other women to bother with.

Sure, you invested time, energy and bait, and maybe even lost some tackle along the way, but so what? There are many more fish out there bigger and better and more to your liking.

On the flip side of the coin, sometimes you will throw your baited line out there and nothing will bite.

Sometimes you throw your hook out there and get caught on an old tire, or hook nothing but seaweed, and you’ll loose your bait and hook when you have to cut the line to get free. That’s all right too. Do fishermen quit just because of one little episode like that? NO! They dig into that tackle box, set the line up again and throw it back in the water.

Where Do I Find The Fish I Want?