Why Dating is a Sport


Why Dating is a Sport

They are out there trying to catch a fish, and eagerly anticipating having a good time while doing it. They’ll sometimes be there from the crack of dawn until late in the night, focused intently on catching that one fish. 

The determination and fixed focus is amazing to behold. And if a lucky fisherman should catch more than one fish, then it’s REALLY a good day!


This is the approach women need to have about dating.

Hey, This Sounds Like Fun!

Let’s say you decide to give fishing a try. There are three things that will happen when you finally arrive at the fishing spot and bait your hook:  Catch the right fish using the right bait

(1) The man (fish) will swim up to the bait, look at it (maybe take a sample nibble). But then he decides that what is on your hook is not to his liking and he swims away. No problem. Re-bait and throw the line out again.

(2) He may take the bait, but only a little bit. He hook is merely caught a bit in his lip. When you try to reel him in and land him, he wiggles around and jumps off the hook. Hitting the water with a splash, he swims quickly away and disappears into the depths. It’s as if he were never there, he is gone so swiftly. You are disappointed because you almost had him! When this happens it means you were too aggressive, tried to rush the process, and forgot to use finesse when handling your fish. You didn’t let the fish hook HIMSELF.