Men Wanna Know. What Do Women Want?


Men Wanna Know. What Do Women Want?

6) Women want a hero that takes care of business.  No woman wants her man to sit around whining, complaining or making excuses for his failures or lack of achievements. No woman wants a man that sets a goal or dreams a dream, then throws his hands up at the first sign of frustration.  No woman wants a man to sit on his ass and do nothing to improve his household or family, yet who finds plenty of time to complain about what SHE does that doesn’t meet His Royal Standards! What your woman does want is for you to take the reins and lead your household, your family and your woman by example. Be a DOER. If you see something that needs to be done, DO IT. If you see something that needs to be fixed, FIX IT. If you see something that needs replacing, REPLACE IT.  And don’t ask her for help or instructions, just handle it. Taking care of your woman means you meet her needs emotionally, mentally, sexually, psychologically and perhaps financially at times too (like if she is on maternity leave and cannot work while her body heals from childbirth). Take care of business like a hero and your woman will wake up with a smile every morning.

7) Women want a man SHE thinks is attractive and sexy. This standard varies totally from woman to woman, so I can’t really provide you with strict guidelines here. However, if you are clean, dressed appropriately for your age and physique, well groomed, and present yourself with confidence, most women will view you as an attractive guy. If you are HOT, SEXY, DA BOMB, BEEFCAKE, etc. well, that is just icing on the cake. Everyone should do whatever they can to look their best for their age and social group, and stay in good physical shape (height and weight proportionate). And since sex is an integral component of any adult relationship, do all you can to make your woman feel comfortable and secure in your love. That way she can feel free to be open, experimental and creative in bed. Avoid being judgmental or critical of her body or sexual abilities. You want to avoid EVER giving her a reason to feel fearful, sexually insecure or embarrassed.

You have the power to make her childhood fairy tale fantasies of a hero come true.  Incorporate these seven points into your dating bag of tricks and do all you can to become the man a woman is looking for. You can easily inspire a womans respect, passion, and love – and your single days will be over!

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